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Trekking Shoes for Women

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Botas Trekking Mujer is the section that Decimas dedicates to this footwear item, basic for all those who are used to hiking in nature. Below we show you the models currently available and by clicking on each one of them you can get more information about their sizes, composition and other manufacturing details. Don't go hiking without a good pair of these boots: your foot and your pocket will thank you for it!

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The best option for hiking

Women's hiking boots are simply the most suitable for hiking. At least, hiking of a certain demand, that is: the one that is practiced on narrow and stony paths, where the slopes are steep both uphill and downhill, with the presence of roots, tree fruits and many other irregularities of the terrain. Slippery rocks, muddy puddles and even snow in winter are situations for which these models are well prepared.

They are the best option for two main reasons: on the one hand, they are the ones that will help you maintain your balance and, on the other hand, they are the ones that will best protect your foot. They are sturdy shoes, with a high upper and a very closed design. Most of them have a waterproof treatment, which means that it is much more difficult for water to get inside the boot.

The sole is another key element in women's trekking boots: it is firm and thick so that the sole does not feel the edges and irregularities mentioned above. But despite their firmness, they are made of a type of rubber, with reactive properties that provide cushioning. As for the side in contact with the ground, its pattern is rich and deep, with lugs that provide a correct adherence to the ground both uphill and downhill.

In addition, the materials used are certainly tougher and more resistant, from the water-repellent laces to the metal pins and eyelets, not to mention the tongue, seams and any other element.

And, as experienced hikers know, the great benefit of hiking boots is ankle support. If buckled tightly, the ankle will not twist in the event of a fall, a more common occurrence than it may seem. It is therefore a most effective type of 'anti-sprain' footwear.

Trekking shoes, on the other hand, are a good choice for lighter and less demanding excursions, but they cannot be considered a replacement for boots, as they do not provide the aforementioned ankle protection. The same goes for trekking sandals.

Differences between women's and men's trekking boots

The models in Botas Trekking Mujer logically have very different characteristics compared to men's boots. First of all, they are wider at the front of the foot and narrower at the back, adapting to the female anatomical features.

On the other hand, the design tends to be somewhat more sophisticated, at least in terms of color. If men's models are usually reduced to black, gray and earth tones (greens, ochers, khakis, etc.), in the case of women, others emerge such as maroon, red, violet, etc.

Otherwise, nothing changes and they have the same qualities and qualities as the men's models. The suede upper, the padded tongues and the premium features mentioned in previous paragraphs (waterproof, water-repellent laces, reactive soles, etc.).

Accessories for a trekking outfit

Women's hiking boots are probably the fundamental element of a hiking outfit, but not the only one. In fact, we recommend the use of one that is closely linked to the boots: high socks, which reach or even exceed the middle part of the shin and have a more robust thickness than usual. This will prevent the appearance of unwanted chafing.

With these boots we also recommend the use of trekking pants, with a slightly looser bottom than the street or sports models. This looseness allows the upper part of the boot to be covered by the bottom of the pants, providing an additional layer of protection against moisture or against snagging of the laces on low branches, for example.

To learn more about trekking items and accessories, we invite you to visit other sections of our website, which will allow you to configure the perfect outfit to go to the mountain. Our website has the lowest prices and the most amazing offers all year long! Start checking it out in the Women's Trekking Boots section.

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