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FAQs - Payment Options

In Decimas we want to help you and answer all the questions corresponding to your order or any process involved in the purchase of the same.

If you still have more questions, please contact us and we will answer you right away.

    What forms of payment can I use

      Your bank card payment could be rejected for the following reasons:
    • Card (Visa, Visa Electron , Am Ex or Mastercard )
    • PayPal
    • ApplePay
    • GooglePay

    For what reasons can my bank card be rejected?

      Your payment by bank card could be declined for the following reasons:
    • In case your card is expired.
    • If you have entered any incorrect data.
    • If it is not enabled for secure electronic commerce (CES).

    Can I pay with a store voucher?

    No, we are working to offer this possibility in the future. Store vouchers can currently be used without an expiration date in any of our physical stores.

    Pay with credit or debit card

    We accept payment by credit or debit card as a method to purchase our products. Next, we explain how you can pay with a credit card:...

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    Pay with PayPal

    At Decimas we offer the option to pay with PayPal, a secure and convenient online payment platform. Follow these steps to pay with PayPal:

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    Pay with ApplePay

    We accept ApplePay which allows you to make payments on websites using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers with Touch ID

    Pay with Google Pay

    Google Pay is a quick and easy way to pay that you can use at Décimas to pay for your purchases.

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