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New Balance for Kids

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There are brands that, at a glance, are easy to recognize, even on children's models. This is what happens with the products in this section, New Balance children, especially with their footwear. And to discover it, you just have to review the items that we show you here: sneakers and clothes that, beyond the logo with the classic ÂnbÂ, have an unmistakable style. They'll connect with your child's style from the start!






Items present at New Balance Niã±o

The items in the New Balance Children's section are periodically renewed depending on the brand's latest releases. But what you'll always find, unless they're out of stock in our stock, are sneakers. In fact, the footwear of this brand is what made it famous decades ago, since its founding at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States.

And although their models were originally of a technical nature, designed for running and for participating in athletics events, their models evolved to become an essential item for lovers of urban sports style. Soon they began to be worn with jeans, sweatshirts or bomber-type jackets, resulting in an outfit that still remains one of the most characteristic among young people today.

They are usually footwear in which suede is used as the main material, offering a very soft touch. In addition, mesh is common in many of the models, thus providing added lightness and breathability. For this reason, these sneakers are among the favorites of the warm and mid-season seasons. To fasten, some use the classic cord, while those of smaller size can use velcro straps as an alternative.

In addition, in recent years there has been an increase in the variety of New Balance clothing for children. Tracksuits, t-shirts or pants are some of the main proposals, which are sometimes part of our web catalog. Visit this section periodically to check it out, or sign up for our alert system, through which we will notify you of all the news.

Numbers that say a lot

Although other brands such as Adidas or Nike tend to “name” their items after their own names, at New Balance they prefer to use numbers, which adds a certain technical and scientific air to each proposal. This is the case with running-style models, although in many cases they are not used for running, as we said above. In the case of children's collections, figures such as 500 or 574 do not refer to sizes, or weight or anything like that: they are the models themselves.

Although these running-inspired models are the most famous, with some design variations, there are other sneakers that have also become icons of everyday sports fashion. And in the same way, they receive a number by name: 990 or 720 are good examples of this, with which your little one will feel comfortable and proud of their style.

At you will find many of these numbers. And in many cases, with another low figure associated with them: their price! On our website we offer you these models at a much more affordable cost than what you'll find in other stores, especially if your model is on sale. This will not be difficult, because on our website we launch offers and promotions throughout the year. You can visit the Outlet section to check it out.

However, the brand continues to launch new New Balance models for children, in some cases aimed at specific sports, which do receive their own names for their designation. Explore the possibilities here and take note of it.

Alternatives to New Balance Niã±o

Have you arrived at the New Balance section and the garment you were looking for is not available? Is the model you wanted for your little one sold out? Don't worry: you'll find a solution without leaving our website: at we have other equivalent brands, of similar prestige and quality, with which your child can also play sports or go out on the street comfortably and in modern style.

If you are looking for running models, one of the brands specialized in this field is Asics, which in recent years has experienced a boom hand in hand with this sport. Tenth It also offers models of a similar style, but at even cheaper prices. And even though Adidas or Nike They often launch more sophisticated models, I'm sure they will be able to surprise you in their respective sections.

To learn about all our proposals, browse one by one through our children's sections. And if you want to be promptly informed or informed of our news, we give you two options: one, our alert system, as indicated above. And the other is to follow us on social networks, where we will surprise you with exclusive promotions and updated information.

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