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Men's jackets

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Men's Jackets is a section full of surprises. Here you will find models for training, but also a wide variety of mid-season garments that are ideal for everyday looks, between urban and casual. Take a look at our catalog of proposals, which are renewed periodically and include the latest trends in sports fashion.

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Jackets for men

At Decimas we offer you a selection of jackets for men sneakers ideal for your training, but you will also find men's mid-season jackets that you can use for your everyday urban looks. Discover our designs and let yourself be seduced by the quality of our brands and by their irresistible prices.

Men's sports jackets

Our men's sports jackets they offer you the comfort you need during your workouts. We have options for different sports and we have the quality of the best brands, such as Nike or Adidas, among others.

The fabrics of our men's sports jackets offer you great breathability to keep you cool and dry when exercising outdoors, as well as extra protection against ultraviolet rays.

You'll find high quality technical designs which will also give you the freedom of movement you need when playing sports, thanks to their elasticity.

In addition, the technology of some of our models also allows you to use them in the gym, with enough flexibility to lift weights and continue with your routine.

Half-season jackets

At Decimas you can find a wide variety of men's mid-season jackets, which offer you a modern style so you can combine them on any occasion.

Our demi-season jackets will protect you from cooler temperatures while you shine innovative and original designs.

Men's waterproof jackets

In our catalog you can choose waterproof men's jackets, with fabrics that allow you to perform outdoors even on rainy days.

In addition, one of the most outstanding features of our jackets for men is their breathability, because they are made with a technology that allows moisture to be easily evacuated to provide you with greater comfort.

If you want an extra element to protect yourself from moisture and possible precipitation, you can choose a hooded jacket model, which is always useful.

Men's winter jackets

The technology of our men's winter jackets it offers you a double layer to conserve heat during the colder months, since it acts as an insulator.

That doesn't mean they're heavy garments that prevent you from moving freely. The winter jackets that we offer you at Decimas they are light and flexible, as well as breathable, making them the perfect option for when temperatures drop.

In addition, some of our models have a hood, to give you extra protection against the cold and even against rain if it suddenly appears while training. And we also have vests with thermal fabric very versatile.

Spring jackets for men

With the men's jackets for spring you don't need too much coat, but you do need a lightweight fabric like the one we offer you at Decimas.

In addition, we have seamless designs to avoid skin rubbing and irritation when you exercise intensely or for a longer time.

Which one is best for outdoor sports?

Las technical jackets for men They are an excellent choice for outdoor sports because they offer you comfort, lightness and breathability.

In addition, you should choose a jacket that protects you from cold and ultraviolet rays, since you are exposed to all kinds of adverse conditions.

However, each fabric can be adapted to a season of the year, because having to protect yourself from the cold of winter is not the same as from the sun's rays in spring.

How to choose the perfect jacket

To choose jackets for men, you must consider different factors that will influence your decision. What aspects are important to focus on?

  • The level of protection. Normally, jackets are used outdoors, either in your daily life or when you train. In the second case, you also need higher quality in this regard because you stay out in the open for a longer time. That means you need a men's jacket that protects you from the wind, that's waterproof in case the rain comes in and that protects you from ultraviolet rays if the sun shines.
  • breathability. Using men's jackets for sports forces you to look for models that keep you cool and dry at all times. They should be models that easily evacuate moisture so as not to retain sweat, since this is not only synonymous with bad odors but also with possible chafing and discomfort.
  • Comfort. Choose comfortable fabrics for your men's jackets, with which you can move freely, that are light and that have elements such as the absence of seams, ergonomic hoodies or adjustable laces, which can be very useful.
  • Usefulness. Based on the latter, zippers, hoodies, inner and outer pockets or reflective bands can be useful when looking for a jacket for outdoor sports.
  • Design. It's essential that you like the jacket you choose. Therefore, design is also important. It should fit your style, be the color you like and even your favorite brand.

Decimas men's jackets offer you all this because we have the latest news from the best brands in the market. And at incredible prices!

Maintenance guide: care and cleaning of your sports jackets

If you want to extend the lifespan of your men's sports jackets and get the most out of them, it's important that you properly maintain these garments. Here you have a few useful tips:

  • Avoid excessive use of soaps and detergents and don't use fabric softener.
  • It uses cold water and a short washing program, avoiding centrifugation.
  • Wash your men's sports jackets separately from the rest of your clothes.
  • Put the garment inside out in the washing machine.
  • Close all pockets, zippers and velcros tightly.
  • Dry clothes outdoors but not directly in the sun, and avoid the dryer.

By following these instructions, as well as those for washing the label of each specific garment, you will not damage the materials, you will avoid the deterioration of the fabrics and colors and you will maintain the elasticity and protective properties of the jacket. In short, you'll have it in perfect condition for longer.

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