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Girls Tracksuits

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Chandals Niña has the variety of models you need to make the right choice: you will find garments of different prices, styles, brands and features. To find out, just take a look around this page, using the filters on the left side, if you wish, and get your hands on them before they run out!

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Designs that will win you over

The first reason why you should visit the Girl's Chandals section is its variety of styles. Here you have models with a feminine taste, often more cheerful and richer than that of the children's tracksuits. However, many of these sports outfits can also be considered unisex, and can be worn by both girls and boys. One of the most striking aspects in the style of these garments is their coloring. In addition to the classic pinks and purples, there are many others, in combination or as substitutes. Greens, reds, yellows, blues and a whole palette of shades that will be in tune with the spirit of your little one. And of course, there is no lack of white, black and gray, all-terrain colors that can be complementary or protagonists in any feminine tracksuit. But what really gives a special touch to girls' tracksuits are the design details. In addition to the usual logos, there are drawings, stitched appliqués, glitter and glitter effects and endless possibilities that will turn your little girl into a girl envied for her style.

Why opt for girls' tracksuits?

Girls' tracksuits are, above all, a practical and comfortable garment. Although they are not technical garments for competition, their design is designed for the practice of exercise, for example that which is developed in Physical Education classes: continuous running, games, light gymnastics for children, etc.. For this reason, tracksuits are also a good option for your daughter to play in the park with her friends, she will have freedom in every movement! On the other hand, it is a sporty outfit that, with a single gesture, adapts to different temperatures: by zipping the jacket up to the neck, your daughter will be well protected in winter, while unzipping it completely, your little one will be able to enjoy extra freshness when the atmosphere is warmer, for example indoors. These tracksuits have other useful elements for your daughter. For example, hoods in many cases, designed for immediate protection against rain and wind. Pockets are also usually present, with a few exceptions in the smaller size models. For added security, these pockets may have a zipper closure. This zipper is sometimes added to the bottom of the pants to facilitate the passage of the foot or shoe. For dads, tracksuits are also a convenient option: as they are two matching pieces, it saves you the trouble of thinking about how to match the look - the perfect outfit will be hanging on the same hanger! No less practical is the speed with which this type of garment dries. After a normal wash in the washing machine, it only takes a few moments for them to stop being damp. This, added to the fact that many of these garments are not ironed, will allow you to have this set at your disposal very often. And if we talk about the items that can complement a look of this type, you will not find great difficulties. Like footwearsimple sneakers. Like t-shirta basic model or with print, in cotton fabric and round neck. And if it is warm season, a jacket quilted. All this, as you can imagine, is at your disposal in the different sections for girls on our website.

Brands present in Girl's Chandals

Decimas works with numerous clothing brands, among which are the most prestigious of the moment. Therefore, in this section we group girls' tracksuits from Nike or Adidas, the two major international brands, with the latest designs and first quality in their fabrics. Depending on the season and stock availability, here you can also find brands such as Reebok or Puma. And if you are looking for outfits at really low prices, your best option is Tenth. This is the own brand of Decimas, which is characterized by sporty designs at an unbeatable value for money, with a variety of styles and designs that has nothing to envy to other manufacturers. Sign up for our alert system in the browser of your computer or mobile device. You can also follow us on our social profiles. With both measures you can be aware of all the news about girls' tracksuits and many other items on our website. You will instantly know the best discounts and offers that we launch in our online store!

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