Girls' Dresses


If you are looking for elegance, comfort and a feminine touch for your daughter, the dress section for girls has the best proposals for her. We are referring to a very particular piece, especially for the summer season, with which your girl will feel unique and different. On this page we have compiled a wide list of original and modern models, which you can purchase at special prices, both during the sales season and at any time of the year.






Girls' dresses, with the Decimas touch dresses for girls will make your daughter feel like a princess. Although they are not the most suitable for special occasions, your daughter will want to use them on special days marked on the calendar: a family member's birthday, an excursion, a movie afternoon, or in many other situations.

That's the magic of these dresses. But the most interesting of the pieces you can find in this section is the original touch characteristic of the sporty, or sporty style. Thanks to this, your daughter will be able to take in the sights with one of these dresses in a comfortable way that allows her to move naturally without feeling uncomfortable.

That is why it is one of the most elegant proposals in our catalog for girls, which shares space with other more everyday pieces. In addition, they can be complemented with numerous accessories also present on our website.

One of the details that give this sporty touch to dresses for girls is the fabric from which they are made: many of them are made of cotton, light, soft and comfortable. The cut is also very sporty, sometimes with elastic waists for a better fit, round collars like those of a sweater, or skirts with discreet frills.

Dress styles

In addition to the common sporty style we have already talked about, each of the girl's dresses in this section has its own personality. For example, those of the denim type: although they are not 100% made with this material, some models are inspired by this type of garment, not only because of the indigo tone, but also because of the cut and distribution of the pockets and other resources.

The nautical style is another classic in the collections of dresses for girls, because it transmits, like no other, the spirit of summer, which is essential for many. Its navy blue color is striped, which is always in fashion, will surely be to your daughter's liking.

Another option that will surprise you is that of the jumpsuits: one-piece sets that have the peculiarity that the bottom part is not a skirt, but rather pants that can be long or short, and in which the upper part usually has short sleeves or holes. Among the main advantages of these models, comfort stands out, without a doubt, which facilitates all types of everyday movements.

Other details of our collections

If you carefully explore this section of dresses for girls, you will find a wide variety of details in the different models. Details that make the difference between a beautiful piece and a truly special one, such as those in this catalog. One of the most used details is embroidery, which can be very different from each other. For example, as if they had a knot.

Flowers are also common, which, in addition to embroidery, can also appear as a print or in various textures. The same is true with hearts, another of the favorite details in this type of dresses for girls. Ruffles are a classic that brings joy to the garment, both in skirts and in sleeves, or even around the waist, such as a double skirt.

Belts may also appear at the waist, usually simulated or with the function of slightly adjusting the garment to your daughter's body. And although they are frequently used in party dresses for girls, inlays, studs, or sequins may also make sense in the proposals in this section.

To discover them, you just have to take a look at the dresses for girls and obtain more information about each product, enlarging the photograph to be able to see all the details in detail. And if you want to take advantage of the best promotions on these articles, you can follow us on social media or through our newsletter and notification service.

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