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Children's Windbreaker

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Cortavientos Niño is a section that reflects the boom that this garment has experienced in recent years, of which the children's collections have not been left out. What was originally a technical jacket has now also become a top for everyday use, without abandoning its sporty use. In these lines we give you some of the keys to this garment, which shows all its repertoire of designs and styles in the collection of models you see below.

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A sports garment that has evolved

The name of this jacket already hints at its original function: wind protection. And it did so in a very specific situation: in outdoor running training sessions. It has therefore always been a must-have top for all amateur and professional runners. However, the windbreaker has also found its way into children's catalogs and is now much more than that. Of course, it is still used for sports, but also for going out for a walk. It has therefore become an urban top that can be combined with a wide range of bottoms: sports pants, jeans and many other options. This is demonstrated by the models of Tenth, the Decimas brand in charge of designing sportswear. Our proposals have the necessary casual touch so that they can be part of a training outfit but also of an everyday one. The main colors are usually black and different types of gray, but often bright and cheerful secondary tones are added to emphasize its childish style.

Characteristics of windbreakers

The first and great characteristic of windbreakers is their light weight. They hardly weigh any weight, thus avoiding a considerable load during the race, which would limit performance. However, despite its lightness, this garment is designed with two layers: an inner layer that favors breathability and an outer layer that acts as a barrier against the wind. Another common element in children's windbreakers is the hood. Its main function is not to cover the head on rainy days, but to provide extra protection in windy situations. The big beneficiary of this is the neck, which would be too exposed if only a crewneck sweatshirt were worn. Pockets are not usually lacking either. Logically, they are not of large dimensions or large capacity, but they do allow to carry small objects that could be useful during or after the game: coins or handkerchiefs are some cases. The closure chosen for the front part is always the zipper, as it is the most comfortable and quickest system, something important while exercising. It is also the simplest, which can be operated by even the smallest children Finally, another feature that is usually common is its close-fitting or slim cut: this is to avoid air pockets inside on windy days. However, it should be remembered that children's windbreakers do not have elastic properties, so it is important to choose the right size in each case.

Other options from outside of Children's Windbreaker

Beyond this section, you will find other jacket proposals that offer different features, although with similar sport style in many cases. One option you will find outside this section is coats: since children's windbreakers do not provide warmth, in Jackets you have at your disposal other tops that will protect your child on cold days. Zippered sweatshirts are other garments that often replace windbreakers. However, it is worth remembering that these are usually made of cotton, so they are valid for a street look or for a light sports session, but not so much for demanding workouts, as their breathability and drying capacity is lower. As you can see, Cortavientos Niños has a lot to offer. Check out all the seasonal proposals on this page and take a look at our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) for more news and offers. And if you want to receive interesting suggestions about clothes and healthy living, we recommend you to read our Blog, you will discover very useful tips!

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