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Children's Mountain Shoes

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Children's mountain boots is a must visit section for families who love to go on trips to nature with their children. However, this type of footwear can also be used for everyday outfits, especially in the winter season, because they provide great warmth to the foot. In these lines we explain this and other details to you, while the catalog on this page will show you at all times which models are available in relation to this interesting article. Find out today and equip your little one in the best way!

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Importance of mountain footwear for children

If your child regularly goes on nature trips, you'll need to provide him with suitable mountain shoes for children. In this regard, boots stand out because of their many advantages. One of them is the protection of the ankle against sprains. Nature walks take place along trails that, in most cases, run along uneven terrain. Rocks, roots, potholes and many other obstacles that your child may accidentally stumble upon, with the risk of the aforementioned sprain. But thanks to the height of these children's hiking boots, the ankle will remain firm at all times. Firmness is precisely the great feature of the soles of these garments of footwear. They are thicker than other normal sneakers, so the sole of the foot will not suffer any discomfort when stepping on stones, edges and other irregularities. In addition, they have an abundant relief, improving grip on all surfaces, especially on the ground. On the other hand, the design of these mountain boots for children is very compact, making it impenetrable to cold and humidity. Although only Gore-Tex models offer total waterproofness, all boots provide extra protection when there is light rain or puddles on the road.

Tips and accessories related to these boots

It is important to keep in mind a number of tips when using this type of hiking boots for children. For example, in relation to socks: they should be thicker to provide warmth in winter and so that the foot is well placed inside the boot, without dancing. In addition, they must be tall to prevent the edge of the boot from being in direct contact with the skin, thus avoiding annoying chafing. The lacing of this type of boot is usually circular and firmer in section, making it easier to slip through the metal eyelets. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind if you need to change this element. However, as you can see in our online catalog, many of these models use velcro as a closing system, more comfortable for parents and children. As for pants, the most suitable models for aesthetics and performance are those for traveling. However, thanks to the increasingly modern design of these shoes, they can also be worn with children's tracksuits or even jeans.

Other footwear for hiking

But not all mountain footwear for children is of the boot type. There are also trekking shoes that can be used on excursions. In this case, these are low-cut garments that do not cover the ankle and are usually lighter. Some of them even have mesh parts. Another feature that defines these items, commonly found in the Children's Mountain Boots section, is their firm sole, with a thickness and pattern similar to that of boots. Circular laces and modern design, with intense colors combined with earth tones, are other common features in them. In any case, the best way to discover our proposals is to review one by one the articles in this section Children's Mountain Boots. Only then will you know which models are in the catalog and what their selling price is. In many cases, you will find significant discounts of up to -70% depending on the season and the item. If you are interested in these and other promotions on our website, you can sign up for our Newsletter or become a fan of Decimas on our social networks. You'll enjoy many benefits just by following us!

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