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Bikinis for Girls

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In this section of Bikini for girls, has brought together the best women's and children's swimwear sets so that your daughter can take a summer dip in style. The proposals on this page are adapted to all types of tastes and sizes. And in all cases, at surprising prices, especially if you take advantage of the seasonal offers on our website. In these lines, we explain to you what you will find in this online catalog, which is renewed very often in order to incorporate the latest news from our brands.

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What are our bikinis for girls like

In reality, there are very few differences between these girls' bikinis and women's models. In both cases, it is a set consisting of two pieces: one upper and one lower. And in both cases, these are swimsuits that are mainly used in summer, unlike swimsuits, which can be used all year round in heated indoor pools. Perhaps the most notable difference is the style: bikinis for girls tend to show a more cheerful personality, with a design richer in details. In this sense, printed hearts, flowers or animals appear, but stitched appliques and even other relief resources are also used. Nothing changes when it comes to the fabrics used: girls' bikinis, like women's bikinis, mainly use polyester, polyamide and elastane, which dry very quickly after a bath or after being washed in a wash.

How to choose the perfect model

To choose the most suitable model, you must pay attention to certain details of the garment. On the left side of this Bikini Girl page you will find some search criteria that will allow you to filter the results. For example, size: in this online catalog we include models of very different sizes, up to adolescent ages. You can also filter your results by brand. Decimas, throughout its website, includes brands from the most prestigious sports manufacturers. And in this section there is one firm that plays a special role: Polynesia. It is our own brand that stands out not only for its excellent quality-price ratio but also for its modern, youthful and groundbreaking style. And beyond the size or brand, there are many other details of these swimwear that can be useful for filtering proposals. Of course, the price: on the left side we have enabled a quantity selector so that you can set a minimum or maximum amount to pay. You can also take a look at the models according to color or other design details. By clicking on these criteria, the list will be updated immediately.

How to combine these girl's bikinis

When it comes to combining these bikinis for girls, you won't find any difficulty: most of the proposals come together, that is, they are made up of the two pieces mentioned: a top for the top and a panties for the bottom. And in all these cases they work together. Sometimes loose garments appear, that is, independent tops or panties. In these cases, you can freely choose which will be the other piece of the bathroom set. Another option is to exchange garments with other models, so that there is some variation between top and bottom. So, it is interesting to look for a certain contrast between the two, for example plain print, neutral color-bold color, plain garment garment with embossed details (laces, fringes, etc.). In addition to that, in other sections of our website you can choose accessories to match the outfit, such as flip flops or caps. There are a multitude of possible combinations, and you will find all of them on this BiKini Niña page. In order not to miss details of these proposals and news, we recommend that you sign up for our alert system, or follow us on social networks, because we are on the main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In them you will also find inspiration to make up your daughter's favorite outfit, since these are common garments in summer lookbooks. Take a look around this page and let your little one take a summer dip in the latest fashion!

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