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In this section of Women's Gym Gloves we have put together for you the most current models in this sports accessory. This way, you can choose between models of different styles, all of them at a very affordable cost for your pocket. Tenth is the main brand in this section, although other prestigious brands in the sector can also enter. Protect your hands properly and economically with the proposals on our website!




Gym gloves to protect your hands

Women's gym gloves are not intended to give warmth to the hand. After all, the temperature in indoor spaces such as weight training or fitness rooms is quite stable and warm. The function of these accessories is none other than to protect the hand during certain exercises and movements. And specifically, the palm of the hand, the part that suffers the most in certain devices. In addition to this, gym gloves also have another important function: that of ensuring a safer and firmer grip. Remember that in indoor spaces, sweating is greater, and this can be seen all over the body, including the hands. This can cause certain objects to slip off them and therefore reduce exercise performance. The equipment and exercises on which these women's gym gloves can be used are very varied. For example, weights and weight-lifting equipment, including weight-training stations or machines. The spinning bike is another good example of a device in which, for good performance, it is convenient to have completely dry palms. And like these two cases, many more.

Designs for this accessory

There is no single design for women's gym gloves, but they all have in common their technical lines and advanced manufacturing materials. A common feature is that they are cut in the middle of the finger. This gives greater breathability and allows for more precise handling of each device. Another fundamental feature is the special protection provided on the palm of the hand, often in polyurethane. In the case of streetlights, the glove is different, like a piece of polyurethane with a flat design. The outer part of the hand is usually covered with fabric or polyester, which is lightweight and breathable. This is where the main notes of color appear, since the area of the palm is usually black or in a dark color. However, the polyester part can admit shades of pink, yellow or any type. The closure, on the other hand, is usually made of velcro and allows this garment to be adjusted in a personalized way to the wrist. In any case, remember that women's gym gloves are classified in different sizes, depending on the size of the hand. You can check on the left side of the page which sizes are currently available.

Other gym accessories

Whether or not you are familiar with the world of the gym, you may know that there are other sports accessories specifically designed for indoor environments, such as weight training rooms and fitness rooms. You won't find them in this section of Women's Gym Gloves, but you will find them in other sections of our website, so we invite you to take a look at it. If we look at accessories that are used while the activity is being carried out, we will find many examples in our online catalog. This is the case of the rope, which will allow you to perform series of jumps to suit you. Or the mat, an essential accessory for certain disciplines, such as yoga or pilates. On the other hand, if we focus on accessories for before or after exercise, the list of accessories is far from brief. It includes water drums, gymsacks for transporting your belongings or small microfiber towels, with which you can conveniently dry your sweat after finishing each series. If you are an amateur or professional athlete who plays sports indoors, the items in the Women's Gym Gloves section are made for you, especially if you work with handheld devices. Get in shape with the Decimas accessories and stay tuned for the promotions and offers that we are launching on our website!

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