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Sandals for Girls

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Sandals for girls is a must-see section when summer approaches. Here you will find the best and freshest footwear options for your daughter, who will feel like a real princess with them. An original and modern princess, because at we don't give up the sporty style that characterizes our website. Therefore, in addition to the elegance of these designs, comfort is another of their main features. Take note of the models on this page and surprise your little one with her favorite shoes.

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Summer, ideal time for girl's sandals

In children's and women's fashion, summer is synonymous with sandals for girls. And on this page you have the proof: all the models that are part of this collection are breathable and very cool, with bare toes and open toes in many cases. The ankle and heel are also two parts of the foot that your daughter will show with these models. The sole is an area that is particularly soft and pleasant to the touch, since sandals for girls are designed to be worn without socks or tights. And as for the design of the ribbons, their width and finish will depend on each brand: pastel tones, cheerful prints, grid design and a long list of possibilities of your choice.

Differences between sandals and flip flops

But to learn more about the characteristics of girl's sandals, the ideal is to put them compared to the other piece of footwear associated with summer: flip flops. While the latter are usually used in beach or pool situations, sandals are for walking: they allow you to travel longer distances comfortably, practically like a casual sneaker. This is the case thanks to another big difference between them: sandals for girls usually incorporate a strap on the back, surrounding the heel. This provides extra support, which results in greater comfort when walking. There are also often important differences in terms of materials. While flip flops place their priority on waterproofness with materials such as ethylene vinyl acetate, sandals incorporate others on a recurring basis, such as natural rubber, leatherette or suede, among many others. Finally, the design of the sole and sole should be highlighted: while flip flops often opt for flat designs, sandals for girls incorporate more ergonomic designs, in which the foot conforms more naturally to the garment. All of this results in an important difference in style: sandals tend to be more casual and elegant, while flip flops are more casual and sporty. For this reason, the models that you can see in this catalog are usually used in outfits with denim shorts, skirts or even leggings, depending on the design. Flip flops, on the other hand, are more suitable to wear with swimsuits, bikinis and sarongs, although they are increasingly used as street shoes.

Closure types and other details

One of the features that can be seen in this catalog is the predominance of velcro as a type of closure for children. This is the most practical and comfortable option, and will allow your little one to fasten and unfasten them without problems. A detail with which you will gain confidence and autonomy. Adult models often opt for the buckle, but this closure is less common in children's models. In addition, sandals often lend themselves to original decorations, with elements full of glitter, whether for glitter, silver paper or any other material with a 100% feminine style. Metal inlays such as studs or rhinestones are also a common resource, even in sports models such as those on You can check all these details on the models of Girls' Sandals: by clicking on the image, you can enlarge it to learn more about its peculiarities. And if you want to enjoy the best price advantages, sign up for our alert system: your browser will show you notifications when we launch promotions in relation to our products, such as footwear, clothing and sports equipment. Save up to 70% off the original price and give your daughter the best pair of sandals on our website!

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