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Sandals for Boys

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In the Children's Sandals section you can discover at a glance all the models for the new season. This is a piece of footwear closely linked to summer, which has a number of advantages compared to sneakers, as we shall see. Keep reading if you want to know the main benefits and features of this type of item or go looking for your favorite model in the catalog on this page.

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Children's sandals, the perfect shoe for summer

For many reasons, children's sandals are the best choice for summer, especially when compared to sneakers. The first of these reasons is freshness: it is a shoe designed to be worn without socks and, thanks to its open design, they drastically reduce sweating on your little one's foot. This open design has another added advantage: breathability. In other words, the little sweating that can be generated with these shoes is quickly evacuated thanks to the fact that the foot is in constant contact with the air. In general, the more open the sandals for boys, it will have greater breathability, although this aspect also depends on the type of materials used in the manufacture of the article. Another benefit of sandals for children is their good behavior against water. It cannot be said that they offer the same waterproof performance as flip flops, but they do stand out for their quick drying. In addition, most models do not deteriorate with water, so they can be placed on damp surfaces, as well as machine washed, always following the instructions on the label.

Children's Sandal Designs

The models in this section are renewed season after season, but most of them have some features in common. For example, its ergonomic design. This can be seen in the design of the insole: it is not flat, as is the case with many flip flops, but rather it is slightly curved to better adapt to the physiognomy of the foot. On the other hand, the outer part of the sole usually has a richer relief pattern, contributing to a perfect grip on the ground and preventing slipping. As far as the strap system is concerned, velcro straps are common, which help to better fit the sandal to your little one's foot, adapting to its size and growing with it. These velcro straps not only appear in the area of the fingers, but also on the back, surrounding the Achilles tendon. A tight fit that will also prevent the development of unwanted chafing, which could lead to injuries. Another increasingly common feature of sandals for boys is the intense and rich color. Blues, reds, oranges and other bright tones are increasingly common in this type of children's footwear. However, neutral tones, such as black and different grays, are still used very often, as well as other more discrete tones: brown, beige, etc.

Flip flops or sandals for boys? Which one to choose?

A question that usually arises between parents and children is: What type of shoe do I choose for summer: flip flop or sandal? Both have open designs and are very breathable, but they also have important differences. In general, it can be said that for the pool and for short walks, flip flops are more suitable. They are also preferable when combining with swimsuits or shorts in a tropical and colorful style. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cool garment with which you can walk comfortably for medium or long distances, sandals clearly prevail. As for the combination of the set, the sandals are better suited to urban style shorts and even casual shorts, such as short chino shorts or denim shorts. In any case, each case is different. If you want to be sure, take a look at this category of sandals for children with your child. You can compare models, expand the size of the photograph and search for complementary clothing for the look. And if the price is important to your buying decision, check the available offers at all times: you can save more than half the price!

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