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Sneaker Care

We present a small guide so you can take care of all the shoes you buy at Décimas. What is the most appropriate for their maintenance, so they will last longer, and you will know exactly how to act with each type of material.


We absolutely do not recommend using this appliance to clean shoes. It can destroy their color, be affected by damage, and even be discolored by any tags they may contain.

You can use stain removers on clothes to try to remove some of the damage that your shoe has.


To treat fabrics, it is best to use a cloth, neutral soap and cold water. Try to avoid putting too much water, otherwise it will be soaked.


Milk and vinegar on cotton are ideal for cleaning stains on this type of fabric. Remember to rub hard to give it more shine.

You can also use a soft brush so that the dirt comes out little by little.

Once cleaned, remember to comb the shoe in the direction of the hair so that the color is uniform.


A water-repellent spray is applied to all these types of fabrics to try to remove any stains they may have. Shoe cleaning cream is prohibited in any case.

Remember not to let them dry in the sunlight, otherwise the color of the leather may discolor.


All dirt must first be removed with a cloth. As much as you can until you shine. If you use a sponge and apply colorless cream or the color of the skin, the cleaning will be perfect.

Passing a brush that is not very thick and in a not very aggressive way can also be used to remove dirt from the shoes.


The best thing for this type of material is to remove the dust with a dry cloth and polish it by rubbing. Colorless creams or the same skin tone are perfect. If there is a stain that did not come out, wipe it with a damp cloth with a little soap.

If you prefer to clean with a cloth, ideally you should use one that does not release lint, and when you finish cleaning them, let them dry at room temperature.


Horse fat or natural waxes work very well for this type of material. If you pass the brush and apply the product to the shoe, it will be perfect.

Apply the white repair very carefully. Shake the product before so that it is well mixed, and you can use a sponge to apply it. If the stains don't go away with one coat, try two.

Rectified leather



Cloths & Sponges


For this type of leather, it is best to use a damp cloth. With it, we are going to try to remove all the superficial stains. If the stains are not removed we have to use a white repairman.


Use a cloth and gently rub the stains with it until they come out little by little. Once finished, dry it at room temperature, but not in the sun.

Cleaning them will help eliminate any bad odor they may have and at the same time remove all possible bacteria that remain in our insole.


The templates independently, you also have to wash them. We can clean them with soap and water and leave them to soak for approximately 6 hours. Look at their label in case they have specific instructions.

Before putting them in the washing machine, you can brush them to remove all the particles that may be there, and thus you will be able to achieve a total cleanliness.


Unlike sneakers and insoles, laces are the only part of our footwear that we can put in the washing machine.