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The DECIMAS sports chain was founded in Spain in 1985 where it began its journey in the sector as a wholesale distributor of sporting goods from major brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok,...

Just two years later, in 1987, DECIMAS opened its first store in Madrid and with it a strong expansion of openings throughout the country, reaching today more than 300 stores in Spain, as well as several stores open in France, Portugal, Romania and Poland.

Seeing the good reception of DECIMAS in the sports sector as a result of the good know-how of a great team of professionals, a few years later Tenth was born, the most emblematic own brand of the chain with which it tries to bring sports to to all sectors of the population, always maintaining one of the most competitive prices on the market.

In the 1990s, the chain's second own brand emerged, Polinesia, more focused on fashion and a young audience that adapts a comfortable style inspired by the urban in their day-to-day life, always maintaining the flagship good value for money of TENTHS.

Already in 2006 and following market trends, DECIMAS opens its online sales channel offering one more service to a customer who little by little is opting for purchases through the web. Since then, we have worked hard to follow the demands of the market and to serve an increasingly growing number of clients.

Bringing together in the same space the best brands in the sector and completing this range of products with its own brands, DECIMAS offers a wide range of textile products, footwear and accessories suitable for all types of public to bring sport to all ages. corners.

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-International presence

Currently DECIMAS is in a strong process of international expansion. Being already present in France, Portugal, Romania and Poland. In addition to a commercial office in Shanghai (China).

-Own brand

Tenth is the most emblematic brand of the DECIMAS chain. Formed by a great team of professionals who day by day the latest market trends are followed, the best fabrics and designs are chosen, giving rise to a wide range of textile products, footwear and accessories, specially designed for the different disciplines sneakers always offering great quality, variety and color, all while maintaining one of the best market prices. Each product is intensively studied to meet the needs of each sport and need, providing the appropriate features and never leaving fashion aside.

Polinesia is a Spanish brand that was born in 1999 and today has 40 points of sale worldwide. national. It is a fashion firm with a very street and casual character, aimed at those urban youth interested in board sports, in street art, in music with capital letters, an audience without complexes and with light own. Year after year they set their own trend. More comfortable and cool trends.

Invain is a movement that arises from urban trends and wants to create a new community in culture sneakers. It emerges from the evolution of art and design, transforming into new forms of expression connected with trends. Music and the digital world will be the essential connectors in this new center of worship. A space where you can develop your personality hand in hand with the best brands on the market.


By briefly reviewing the history of DECIMAS we can highlight some key points of the chain:

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