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Men's Indoor Soccer Shoes

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With the futsal shoes from the new collection, you'll feel comfortable at all times. The Tenth or Adidas futsal shoes are designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Find your futsal shoes

More and more people play futsal. One of the most important elements when training is choosing the right shoes that provide comfort and stability. The fact is that indoor soccer shoes are the accessory in which you should invest the most, and they are also the most technical.

In our catalog of indoor soccer shoes for men you will find the ones you are looking for at the best price! In addition, in our catalog you will find the models of your favorite brands: Adidas, Nike, Joma, Tenth⦠indoor soccer shoes at prices that suit any budget.

What indoor soccer shoes do I need?

The player's physical characteristics will influence the type of indoor soccer shoes he needs. The complexion (thin, strong, corpulentâ¦) influences the correct choice. If, for example, the player's build is slim, lightweight sneakers are more advisable than for another type of larger body, which will need shoes with a higher profile to better protect the joints from impacts.

In addition, the player's position also plays a role. A goalkeeper is far from a pivot in his activity, because the importance of indoor soccer shoes providing stability or agility is different in each of the positions.

How do I choose a pair of indoor soccer shoes?

First and foremost, the most basic thing is to find the sneakers that fit the length and width of our foot. Not all of us have the same foot width and shape, so neither are the same indoor soccer shoes equally comfortable for everyone.

After knowing our size, we must consider other more technical aspects of the shoe: cut, profile and sole. The cut refers to the shape of the shoe. This is usually made of leather or synthetic materials or a mixture of both. This composition is what balances the level of breathability and the resistance to the passage of time of sneakers.

On the other hand, when we talk about profile, we are referring to the height of the indoor soccer shoes. Both the sole and the midsole will influence this height. There are low profiles, that is, with a low height, which tend to be lighter and provide greater contact when stepping on the ball. The high profile provides stability and safety in the supports, although it reduces lightness.

Finally, mid-profile sneakers, as the name suggests, mix features of previous sizes.

The sole of the indoor soccer shoe has the duty to provide stability. When choosing the sole, we must take into account the floor on which we normally practice training and games. If the floor were asphalt or cement, the wear is greater than that suffered by the shoe. For this reason, some indoor soccer shoes come with small cleats that provide more resistance to uneven floors.

Put on some good indoor soccer shoes and let's play!

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