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Garment Care

We present a small guide so that you can take care of all the products you buy in Décimas and know how to interpret all the care labeling symbols. The more care you take when taking care of your clothes, the longer they will last and we will help save the planet.



Before you start washing your clothes, keep in mind that you don't always need to wash them, sometimes brushing and airing is enough. If you decide to wash it, always check the pockets first.

If you are going to wash by hand, check that the detergent is completely dissolved before putting the clothes in the tub. If it is one of the first times you wash a garment, separate it as it can color the water.

If you are going to wash using a washing machine, try to use it at its maximum capacity. If, on the other hand, there are only a few garments, try to use a program that is short and/or ecological.

Try to use a detergent that is ecological and do not use more product than recommended. Otherwise, it can cause stains on clothing or even skin problems.

It informs us that we can wash this product, both in a washing machine and by hand.

If the icon has a "dot" or the number 30, it indicates that 30ºC is the maximum temperature at which it can be washed.

If the icon has a "colon" or the number 40, the maximum temperature will be 40ºC.

If the icon has "three dots" or the number 50, 50ºC will be the maximum washing temperature.

If the icon has "four points" or the number 60, its maximum washing temperature is 60ºC.

Hand wash

Cannot be washed

If you wash it by machine, you must select a short spin program.

The garment needs a delicate wash.

This garment requires a very delicate wash.

Hand wash

Cannot be washed



Bleaches are usually chlorine, bleach or any other product that has the function of lightening the fibers. Use this type of product in cold water and for an hour at most. Do not use containers such as brass, copper or iron.

You can use bleach on this garment.

It is preferable to apply only oxygen-based bleaches.

You can apply whiteners such as chlorine or bleach.

Do not use any type of bleach.


Check that the clothes are completely spun before drying them. The best dryer is pure air, as long as we do not expose it to the sun in large quantities, otherwise it may lose color.


The garment would admit the use of dryer.

These garments may not be tumble dried.

We can use dryer but with a low temperature.

You can use the dryer with a delicate program.

Admits the use of dryer with normal temperature.

You could use a dryer with a very delicate program.



Check that the clothes are completely spun before drying them. The best dryer is pure air, as long as we do not expose it to the sun in large quantities, otherwise it may lose color.

Let them slip into the shade.

These garments may not be tumble dried.

These garments can only be dried in the shade.

These garments are dried flat.

These items cannot be hand dried.

These garments are line dried.

You have to let these clothes drain.

These garments are line dried and shade dried.

Dry horizontally and in such shade.



All the icons that have a circle teach us, like the traffic signs, that we should not wash our clothes at home, but have a professional do it.

Dry cleaning.

Dry clean.

Clean dry, with hydrocarbon solvents.

Dry cleaning for very delicate clothes.

Do not dry clean.

Dry cleaning, everything except trichlorethylene.

Wet cleaning.

These garments may not be tumble dried.

Dry cleaning in short cycle.

Dry cleaning with reduced humidity.

Dry cleaning without steam.

These garments may not be tumble dried.


Before ironing any garment, check that it is suitable to do so. We recommend that you use an ironing board but if you don't have one, try to do them on a flat surface.

This garment can be ironed.

This type of garment can be ironed at a low temperature.

Pan at medium temperature.

These garments cannot be ironed.

Do not use steam shot in this type of garment.



Cotton garments if washed at a high temperature can shrink. They tend to wrinkle, and are usually more resistant than other fabrics.


May warp on drying if not placed properly. If we wash it at a very high temperature it can shrink.


The ideal treatment for this type of fabric is to wash them at medium/low temperature and iron them at low temperature without using steam. They don't tend to wrinkle.


Avoid the centrifuge as it deforms this type of fabric. If they are wet, their resistance decreases.


You always have to wash it at low temperature and by hand and above all do not spin. Supports the iron.


It cannot be centrifuged, nor use temperatures that are very high in this type of fabric. If it gets stained, take it to the dry cleaner.