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Hats for Women

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If you want to provide warmth and warmth to your head, has a section for you: Women's Hats. On this page we bring together these essential proposals for the summer season, both in training and in street looks. Take a look at the models presented here and find the one that best suits your style. And if you want to discover some keys to this feminine accessory, keep reading these lines. We'll help you choose!




Types of hats for women

There are many types of hats for women, although not all of them are sporty. At we offer sport models, combining modern design, comfort and warmth. The most common is the so-called beanie, a simple garment whose hem has a fold. They are the most suitable for practicing all kinds of sports, thanks to their elasticity and lightness. Another common type is the pompom hat. This is a model that is usually made with a thicker knit and is finished off at the top by this nice detail. They are widely used in skiing and snow sports, because they are a warmer accessory associated with high mountain regions, although they can be used in any environment, even to show off in the big city. Although these two are the most common, there are also other women's sports hats that may be included in this catalog. We are talking, for example, of balaclavas, whose use is limited to extreme mountain sports, such as mountaineering. Skull caps, with a rounder design and without folds, are trendy items that can also have their sporty version here. Finally, swimming caps deserve special mention, which are not intended to provide warmth, but are used for hygiene and comfort in the pool.

Variety of details in these accessories

In terms of design, there are many details that can be part of these hats for women. The single-color models are the simplest, especially in black and gray. But there are also many multicolor proposals, either because of combined designs or because of prints of all kinds. As a decoration, stitched labels are used, on which the brand's logo is usually placed. On the front or side, embroidery can be used, either to show the logo or original drawings. On the other hand, more urban hats can include appliques, such as flowers, that give the accessory a feminine and fashionable look. When it comes to women's sports hats, cotton and polyester are the most common. Sometimes, the latter is used with a microfiber finish, in a composition that also includes other materials, such as polyamide. This gives great softness and a fleece texture, which dries quickly.

Solutions for the head out of women's hats

Women's sports hats are not the only solution offered by for the head. In fact, if you really want to protect your ears from the cold but keep the rest of your head in the air, earmuffs are your ideal accessory. In the Other accessories section you will find items of this type, used on days of severe winter cold. Another option that has also become fashionable lately are thin neck panties, especially in the world of running. Although its original function is to protect the neck, it can also be used to protect the head in different ways, so it can be considered a wild card accessory. On the other hand, if you only want to protect your eyes against sweat, headbands are the best option. Highly elastic, they are placed at the top of the forehead, where the scalp begins. Its towel curl finish provides great absorption. At we have numerous items that you can place on your head to improve comfort during exercise or simply in your everyday looks. Some of these proposals are in Women's Hats and many others you'll find in the rest of the sections of our website. Browse our website and discover them with your own eyes!

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