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School Backpacks for Girls

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Are you looking for the perfect item for your daughter to take her books to school or school? Then School Backpacks for girls is the section you need. Here we show all the models that are currently available on our website, from different brands and with styles for all tastes. Take a look at our proposals and take advantage of prices. With discounts at all times of the year!




What are school backpacks for girls like

School backpacks for girls generally follow the same typology. These are bags that are carried on the back thanks to their two large handles, although they also usually have a handle on the top to be carried in the hand or to hang on the coat rack. The content (books, notebooks, school supplies, etc.) is divided into two compartments: one larger, with a capacity of around 25 litres, and another smaller one for smaller objects. However, each model can also incorporate other inner or outer pockets that complement the two previous ones.

When it comes to the closure, they most commonly have zippers in both pockets, although some models opt for drawstrings in the large compartment or even buckles. This is a vintage air solution that gives an original touch to the backpack.

As you can see here in School Backpacks for girls, many of the models on our website have built-in an essential accessory for class: the case. And the most innovative thing is that they match the backpack, sharing their main features: colors, logo, material, etc.

Brands and styles in this section

In this section dedicated to school backpacks for girls, Decimas shows models from different brands, especially the two from our group: Tenth and Polynesia. The Tenth models stand out for their sporty and everyday style, ideal to wear with tracksuits or sweatshirts, for example. Those from Polynesia, on the other hand, tend to surprise with their urban and transgressive designs, which give your daughter's look a lot of personality.

Beyond Tenth and Polynesia, this section also includes the latest models from major brands on the international scene. For example, Nike, which is one of the manufacturers with the greatest variety on the market. Adidas, Puma or Reebok are other brands that may have a presence here.

As far as designs and styles are concerned, the backpacks in this section use very different details to conquer the taste of girls like your daughter. Many are plain and sober, in a single color and devoid of decoration. But the most common thing is that solutions such as contrasting blocks of color or geometric, vegetable or animal print prints appear on the outside. Children's or adolescent-style drawings are another of the most used resources, sometimes screen-printed and sometimes sewn in the form of labels and appliques. Metal studs or inlays are also options with which Decimas can surprise you. In addition, logos have a strong presence, especially in iconic brands such as Nike, and evocative phrases or words are always common.

Alternatives to school bags for girls

As you can see, this section also includes other proposals, which we can consider alternatives to school bags for girls. One of them is the gymsack bag. As its name suggests, it was originally an accessory used to carry gym equipment, such as a towel or changing clothes. However, it has become a favorite accessory among today's girls, thanks to its lightness and the security of its closure: the laces in this closure become handles, preventing the bag from being opened without the user realizing it. They can act as a school backpack when you don't have to carry too much class material.

Less suitable for school or high school are sports bags, which we also often include in the Children's School Backpacks section. Unless that day the classes are conditioned by a special session of Physical Education, the ideal is to opt for bags that are worn on the back and not on the shoulder, as is the case in this case. They have a larger capacity, with a wide variety of pockets and compartments, both inside and outside, and are usually reserved for sports training.

In any case, you and your daughter have the last word, so you can take a global review of our proposals and choose your favorite one. In that final choice, pay attention to the price: you'll notice that many of our models are discounted by a significant percentage, exceeding 50% in many cases! We inform you about this promptly with our notification service and through social networks. Sign up or become a fan!

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