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Men's Basketball Shoes

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Basketball is a popular sport both by amateurs and professionally, and at all ages. Find in our catalog of basketball shoes for men the shoes you need for your practice at the best price.

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The importance of basketball shoes

Each sport wears sports shoes according to their movements and demands. In the case of basketball, it is very important to be equipped with basketball boots that prevent injuries whatever the level at which it is practiced.

Basketball shoes are specially built to adapt to the specifications of your practice: well-fastened ankles, special cushioning for jumps, lightness for greater agility â¦

With Decimas, equipping yourself to practice the sport you like the most is easy and comfortable, as well as having incredible prices.

How to choose men's basketball shoes?

The most important thing is the measurement of our foot and its width. Once we make sure that they adapt to the foot, the keys to choosing basketball boots lie in their sole, composition, insole and closure.

In the case of the sole, it is important to require the shoes selected to have a sole that does not slip. The floor of a basketball court due to the material from which they are built are very slippery, even more so if we consider that sweat or liquid can fall on it. Therefore, basketball boots must have a sole that adheres to the floor and provides stability, avoiding common ankle sprains.

Another important aspect of the sole, together with the insole, is cushioning. Men's basketball shoes should be designed to provide the necessary cushioning and stability during jumps.

As for the composition, we have to take into account the breathability that sneakers provide us with. If moisture and sweat are not adequately evacuated, comfort and comfort are lost, in addition to encouraging the appearance of chafing and blisters.

As for the closure, to ensure stability we must choose basketball boots that are well attached to the foot and ankle. It should be noted that in the practice of basketball there are sudden changes in displacement and direction, favoring injuries.

Finally, depending on whether the practice is indoor or outdoor and in which position it is played (especially at more professional levels) the characteristics we should ask for vary.

Quality, price and design.

We have already talked about the technical specifications that must be required of men's basketball shoes. However, we are aware that design is important, since sneakers must adapt to the style of the person who wears them. Therefore, in our catalog you can find a variety of designs and colors, to find the ideal boots both in quality, price and design.

Taking care of your feet when practicing sports is essential, avoiding common ankle injuries such as sprains and breaks, or bad falls and back pain starts with getting quality basketball boots. Find them in Decimas at the best price!

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