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Winter Hats for Men

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When the thermometers set the minimum temperatures of the year, the Men's Cap section of Tenths enters a boiling period: the variety of models presented here will allow you to find the one you were looking for: by design, by price or both. Review all the hats one by one and order yours with just one click.








What are the hats for men from Decimas like

The men's hats on our website are, first and foremost, simple and sporty, although many of them can also be worn with sweaters and casual clothing. They are models that do not attract attention because of extravagance or boldness, but they do fit the look of young and sporty people like you.

This is achieved with a wide color scheme. Although most of men's hats This section is dyed in neutral and discreet colors, such as gray, black or tones inspired by the earth, we can also enter other models with a wider range of colors. Yellow, blue, red⦠And all this, in monochrome designs or in printed designs, with stripes, in blocks of color or even with more elaborate drawings.

The materials used in these men's hats are the usual ones in these cases. Acrylic is the preferred one, although we do not rule out the use of polar fiber in certain models. In both cases, their spirit is youthful and sporty, in line with the rest of the garments in our online catalog.

In the case of acrylic, the type of stitch may vary: from a thick stitch, with a ribbon-like pattern, to a smooth and uniform finish, without relief, less winter but more homogeneous. A label or piece of leatherette is usually included to show the name of the brand, which in many cases is Tenth, the firm of Decimas.

Advantages of our men's hats

Our men's hats offer a number of advantages for customers like you. One of them is elasticity: thanks to the acrylic fabric that we use in most models, this accessory adapts to all types of heads without squeezing or leaving marks.

Warmth is an inherent advantage of this accessory, but our models can reinforce this quality in different ways. For example, with models that can be worn without folding. In this case, the hat becomes longer and covers the ear completely, something that does not usually happen when the hat is worn folded at the bottom. Double-layer models or models with inner lining are other options with which we can surprise you.

Many of them, therefore, are suitable for sports: a soccer training session, a continuous race, a trekking trip. They will conform to your head without discomfort and without impeding the vision of your environment, also acting as a barrier against sweat so that it does not reach your eyes.

And if we focus on models made of fleece, the feeling of warmth is even more palpable, since it is a fabric with a soft, pleasant and warm touch.

Other accessories with which to accompany a hat

Men's hats are rarely worn as the sole accessory. It is very common for the user to accompany them with other winter accessories, which in addition to making protection against the winter cold more effective, complete the style of the outfit. Among all of them, the gloves, which can be made of the same materials used in hats: acrylic, for lightweight, comfortable and elastic models, or in fleece fiber, warmer and softer, but less practical for handling objects, such as mobile phones or keys.

The scarf is also another essential accessory for winter, which can be worn to match the hat. Some have a winter panty design, that is, without ends for greater comfort, maintaining in many cases the elegant and chunky knit style that is common in scarves.

The panties themselves, on the other hand, usually opt for sporty designs, very suitable for casual hats. Panties can be double-sided, often with prints, and are tighter around the neck, unlike scarves or panty scarves, which are looser.

Therefore, review all the proposals in the Men's Hats section and go through others to complete your winter look. Both in this and in the others, you will find different types of offers: direct discounts, promotions for the second unit, etc. If you follow us on social networks or sign up for our notification system, you will be promptly informed of all this. Protecting yourself from the cold has never been easier and cheaper than it is now. Take advantage of it!

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