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Decimas has created the Women's Windbreaker section so that you can find and compare at a glance all the garments of this type that we currently have in stock. A variety of models that will convince you and that will conquer your little one thanks to the many advantages of this jacket, which offers different features than those of the raincoat and those of the jacket. Review the models that we show you here and add a garment to your daughter's wardrobe that is all the rage in today's sports fashion scene. Do you want to discover it?




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Windbreaker for girls, a very fashionable garment

The windbreaker for girls is, without a doubt, one of the most successful trends in children's fashion at the moment. But do you know what exactly a windbreak is? This is a garment that emerged in the world of running, used by runners to protect themselves from the wind during their training sessions. And the thing is that this jacket is not exactly a warm jacket, because its fabric is very thin, without thermal properties. Its purpose is simply to become a wind barrier that directly impacts the runner's torso.

For girls, on the other hand, it retains this sporty design, but its finish is less technical, so it adapts to numerous street outfits. It is true that it can be used on hiking trips or in similar situations, but it can also be worn around the big city or even to school and school, because its designs pass the filter of children's and women's taste, as you can see here.

Among its most outstanding features is its softness, achieved thanks to the synthetic fabric of its exterior, which often has water repellent properties to combat the first drops of light rain, although its mission is not to replace the raincoat, as we shall see below. The other characteristic detail is its modern and sporty style, which gives your daughter a healthy and sporty look. That's why it's a garment that can't be missing from our catalogs!

Details of the design of our windbreaks for girls

As can be deduced after taking a look at the models in the Women's Windproof section, the colors and prints go beyond the usual combinations in technical clothing for adults. Some interesting details that may appear here are the bright, cheerful and often contrasting colors, with geometric designs, nice drawings and even labels and wall lamps that give it some relief.

As for the elements that are part of these garments, the most common is the zip closure that runs all over the front, although some models are not of the jacket type and keep the zipper only as a closure on the neck. It is also common to find belly-high pockets and a protective hood, both for light rain and wind. The cuffs and hem usually have elastic rubber, which makes it easy to adjust to the wrists and waist.

Alternatives to windbreaks

As we said, windbreakers for girls offer different performance than other jacket-type garments. For example, raincoats, which do have a much more effective waterproof treatment against rain, and tend to be somewhat looser than windbreaks.

If you are looking for a comfortable garment that provides warmth to your little one, you can opt for fleece jackets, with a microfiber finish that not only provides softness to the touch but also maintains your daughter's body warmth. This is a less robust solution than jackets or padded coats, filled with down or padded, but they provide warmth, making them an interesting garment for excursions. However, mixed solutions may appear on our website, halfway between the windbreak, the raincoat and the fleece jacket, which offer triple protection against wind, rain and cold.

Jacket-type sweatshirts with zipper closure deserve special mention. They are the most casual and are preferred as a demi-season garment or as an undergarment under a warm jacket. They usually have their own hood and combine perfectly with basic t-shirts or cotton t-shirts with print. They differ from the previous ones because of their fabric, since they frequently use cotton.

All these options are in Women's Windbreaker and in other sections of the children's and women's catalog, such as Jackets, Jackets or Coats. Look for them and choose the option that best suits your daughter's tastes. And don't neglect another important criterion: the price, which in the Decimas store becomes quite a complaint: sometimes, we offer discounts of 50% or more, regardless of periods of sale. On our website, it's always a time for opportunities!

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