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Mountain Shoes for Girls

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If your daughter likes to go for walks in nature, the Children's Mountain Boots section is designed for you. Here you can consult our catalog for this type of footwear, which will provide numerous advantages to your little one: safety, comfort, waterproofness⦠In these lines we analyze all of them, as well as the originality of their designs. And to discover it directly, review the proposals in the collection one by one. We've updated it with the latest models!








Characteristics of mountain boots for girls

Mountain boots for girls have, in essence, the same characteristics as those for adults and adults, logically respecting the particularities of children's and women's feet. The most obvious detail is their height: they exceed the ankle, so it is fully protected against the typical sprains that can occur on rocky trails. This, in turn, is the big difference between boots and trekking shoes, which are lower and designed for easier rides. As far as the sole is concerned, there are several features that can be highlighted. On the one hand, its great adhesion, thanks to its design of studs and relief, usually made of rubber. On the other hand, there is its stiffness and thickness, which protects the sole of the foot against stones, roots and other irregularities in the ground. And finally, the cushioning, since there are many models that incorporate a layer of eva rubber so that the tread is not aggressive. In addition, girl's hiking boots offer two apparently opposing advantages: waterproofness and breathability. The first is achieved, in some cases, with Gore Tex models, but also thanks to its closed design: it is corded up to the top of the tab, preventing water from entering. And as for the second advantage, a lot has been improved in recent years to make the foot breathe more, since it is a shoe that is used during long walks and in high temperatures, in some cases.

Trekking style with a feminine touch

In these mountain boots for girls you can also appreciate the classic hiking style that characterizes adult models. Colors inspired by the earth, especially the different shades of brown and green: beige, olive green, dark brown, khaki, etc. However, the original thing about these boots is that they also incorporate small children's and feminine details. This can be seen, for example, in the use of velcro as the main or complementary closure on the instep. And as for color, there are numerous models that add touches of pink or violet, both in a secondary way and in a leading way.

Other advantages of this shoe

These are not the only features and advantages of the models that you will find in this section of Children's Mountain Boots. To all of them, you can add the ease of putting on and taking off, especially those that have velcro for closure. This system is easy for any girl to use, saving time and providing autonomy to those who are learning to wear such a boot. Comfort is another feature common to all these mountain boots for girls. The insole is ergonomic and padded, while the interior is made of materials that are friendly to children's feet. And in addition to all this, girls's hiking boots stand out for their lightness. Although they are not as light as running shoes or sandals, children's models are usually less heavy than adult models, precisely so that the little ones can walk even longer. In Children's Mountain Boots we accommodate the main brands in the sector, which share a catalog with our brand specialized in sports: Tenth. The latter stand out for their high performance and low price, although you can also take advantage of irresistible offers for other models: seasonal discounts, launch promotions and many other options. If you don't want to miss any details about it, just follow us on social networks or sign up for our alert and newsletter services. Take care of your daughter's feet with these essential footwear for walking in nature!

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